Focus on Facilities

MISPL is a facilities based carrier. That means we build what we sell. The fiber optic cables are ours. We own them, maintain them and support them.

Dedicated Services

If you need something special, higher bandwidth, TDM services, service in un served areas, or any other related services, talk to us about a dedicated link service. We can engineer a custom service to meet your needs.

We’re fastest

MISPL has fastest connectivity to the Internet and largest bandwidth with the ability to expand rapidly if necessary. Our bandwidth management policy is to always keep large amounts of headroom available even during peak hours so our customers always experience the maximum possible speed.

We’re helpful

We also have a large full-time engineering and tech support staff. We’ve the best technical talent in the town, the winning team that operates our network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We never sleep. There are many technical people ready to take your call and to help you and keep your service working smoothly. Our technicians and engineers work day and night, in all weather conditions to make your connectivity as reliable as we can.

Focus on Business

Business is our bread and butter. Every business gets our top level of service and support. We know you have choices. We know that service often makes the difference. Let us show you how much of a difference it can be.

Custom Engineered Services

If you have a special requirement that hasn’t been addressed yet by any service provider, please give us a call. We love technical challenges and working under tight deadlines. If a solution exists we can help you find it. You can create your specifications and build your site from the ground up, fully wired and fiber-ready. MISPL now provides businesses access to the fiber ring around the commercial heart of Multan Region, giving access to lightning-speed fiber technology.

We’re reliable

MISPL’s Internet service is multi-homed, with more than one pathway connecting to the Internet. If a temporary problem occurred on one pathway, information would keep flowing on an alternate pathway. We’ve redundant paths of optical fibers in many areas of Multan Region. If one cable is damaged, we can switch our traffic to alternate routes with minimum downtime.