I t’s easy to set up WiFi access in your business, school, hotel or apartment complex when you partner with MISPL. We evaluate the surrounding environment and recommend a solution that provides the best coverage and security to protect the needs of your business and network users.
MISPL can also provide network monitoring and Wizards technical support services to keep your WiFi connections functioning at maximum efficiency.
Specialists in Public WiFi Hotspots for indoor and outdoor venues from restaurants, hotels, marinas and parks. In fact anywhere there is a need for connectivity.
WiFi is the fastest growing wireless technology in the world. It's fast, cheap, easy and convenient. And because demand is growing at a phenomenal rate, this makes WiFi users a highly desirable audience for any business.
With the explosion of mobile devices and massive popularity of social networking sites, consumers are increasingly responding to advertising messages that fit into their daily activities.
When comparing marketing campaigns, WiFi is an emerging sea of change in business life. Our unique approach will allow you to keep your customers informed with relevant content.